Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to create Professionalism in SEO Business

If you run SEO Company then it is highly important to create and maintain good professionalism image to run your company successfully as well as to create positive images among your customers.

Dallas SEO Geek David Hood talk to a lot of business owners and other decision makers and one of the most common complaint about other SEO Companies in Dallas is that they are unprofessional in very important ways.

For example, an email and phone call are sent out to ask some simple questions and they don’t hear back from their consultant for weeks…months at a time! Ouch. I don’t disappear.

I elaborate on the above SEO scenario and others in the video below:

Being professional in SEO field takes a lot of impression than doing your duty well. For example, if you are doing your work at good pace but that doesn’t mean you are professional to others. It is quite difficult to get good professionalism images by others and you should maintain a lot of things to get success in this field. There are many important factors involved to create good professional image for your company. Today I will share some tips to create and maintain professionalism which can help you to run your SEO Company successfully.

High Quality SEO Service:

If you want to create professionalism image to your customers and clients then you should work hard and you should deliver high quality SEO Service in a timely fashion. This is foundation of professionalism SEO if you are willing to create good impression as well as if you want to run successful SEO Business.

High Responsiveness Skill & Great Customer Service:

If you can give great importance to your client and customers then it is important factor to create professionalism on your business. Another most important factor to create great image infront of your client is Responsiveness and great Customer service.
Professional SEO Service Dallas SEO Geek David Hood
You should responds quickly whenever they need to make happy client. So you need to respond email and phone message promptly. You can follow up your clients after completing a project to ask for their feedback. Moreover, you can make recommendation and you can offer them good solutions if any problem arises for SEO project. You should provide great communication skill and you need to maintain discipline. In this way, it can help you to create Professionalism image to your client.



Displaying your expertise:

Displaying SEO Results is not everything to create professionalism image to your SEO Client. Although ranking website at the top position of search engine is great sign to create credibility to your SEO business.
If you want to show that you are expert in SEO field then you need to keep update about SEO trends, and innovation, latest news etc. Moreover, you should provide useful information to your customers and thus you can build your expertise. Diligent, consistent effort will be required to make credibility to your business. So if you build authority then it will help you to stand out among your completion in SEO business and it will assure your client that you are more knowledgeable in SEO. If you need help to improve your website ROI then hire a professional SEO Company in Dallas and they can help you to create and implement an SEO Strategy to grow your business.

Social Networking Personas:

Social media is another important filed to show professionalism in SEO business to your potentials customers. So you must have Social pages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and you should display your social profile on your website and other social networking sites which can help you to create professionalism. Keep in mind that, you have to make consistent contribution to your social networking sites, forum and other social media sites which can show your professionalism in SEO.Just follow these steps and Be a professional SEO company!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

3 Killer Tips For Hiring an SEO Company For Your Business

Every Business owner wants to get the position of first page of Google for their business website or blog. So it can get high quality traffic as well as it can increase sales for your business. So if you want to rank your website then hire an SEO consultant to boost p your ranking in search engines organically. Well, today I will share some tips and tricks so you can hire an SEO company for your business.

When you’re looking for an SEO Consultant to boost up your ranking in search engines then I understanding it is really challenging to find a real SEO expert and you might be confused that, whether they can bring great SEO Results and they can increase your website revenue or not. Well, David Hood Shot a video on how to hire an SEO Consultant and break down the things you need to know to prevent you from wasting your company’s money.

This is a detailed SEO Buying guide that will help your business navigate those rocky waters!

Search Engine Optimization can be extremely profitable to your business. However, it can be a huge waste of money as well.

You definitely want to watch this video before you hire someone to do your SEO.

Checkout SEO firm has Experience to rank #1 for specific keyword in your GEO Location:

When you hire an SEO Consultant then you should check their review and testimonials whether they have record to rank website first page of Google for specific keyword. For example, our own SEO Company has great record to get ranking for specific keyword Dallas SEO Geek. Because we have great SEO strategies as well as we have vast experience on SEO Field.

Look around my site and you’ll begin to understand how you can provide a highly positive Return On Investment (ROI) for your company through Internet Marketing.

David Hood Dallas SEO Geek will explain to you SEO basics if you want. For me, this actually makes you a better customer because you can understand the value I’m providing to your business. For others, it gives you protection against the BS that they will try to sell you as valuable, but, in the end, does not help your business.

Make Sure SEO Company has a nice user friendly Website:

If you want to hire an SEO consultant then make sure they have a good user friendly website for their SEO Firm. Because a reputed SEO Company takes time to create their website for their SEO business. Also you should check their SEO Testimonials and customer Review about SEO results so you can determine how they are successful on SEO Business.

If you want to know more about Dallas SEO Geek Company or if you have any quires about your website SEO then don’t forget to subscribe us via email.

Make sure SEO Consultant Follow Google’s update Algorithm:

Following Google Guidelines and other search engine Bing, yahoo guideline is essential to get better ranking in search engines. If you hire an SEO company then ask them that they are following Google’s latest algorithm. Google changed their algorithm rapidly and SEO guys should be aware new SEO tactics. So they can’t get penalized by Google.

If any SEO Company doesn’t follow white hat SEO techniques then they will get penguin and panda penalty. As a result, your website will drop high quality traffic and your website can be banned by Google. So make sure that, selected SEO Company has white hat SEO Tactics to boost up your ranking in search engines.

We Dallas SEO Geek provide high quality SEO Service for any business and we help our client to boost up their website ranking in search engines. Many of them know a little about Dallas Local SEO and they will be able to get you a little bit of results, but being on the 2nd page for a local business is usually the same as being on page 100 — it results in no additional business for YOU.

What you need is some one who can get you to the 1st page and in the top 3 or 5 to really get enough traffic to justify the cost of SEO services. I will tell you if I don’t see enough search traffic in your market to justify the cost because, ultimately, getting a customer who realizes after 3-6 months that I’m providing him or her with no value does my business NO GOOD.

Is SEO All That I Need To Do?

What do you do with your visitors once you arrive? You’ve only done 1 step of a 4 step process. Yes, it is a very important step, but, again, it is only one piece of the online marketing puzzle. By itself it can definitely make you a lot of money, but then there are systems you can put in place that are actually easier and less expensive, but that amplify the value of the search engine optimization traffic dramatically.
Let’s take it one step at a time and do what your business needs first and, once I’ve provided you with a positive ROI, we will talk about amplifying those results.

Come to the best. Get the best service. Get the best results. Get the biggest ROI on your investments.

Contact with Dallas SEO Geek David Hood today!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Nowadays SEO has great impact on your business and so if you want to grow your business then you should improve your website SEO ranking for your business blog or website. In that case you need to hire an SEO Consultant who can help you to create and implement an SEO campaign to boost your website ranking organically.

Well, if you want to improve your website ranking then you should pick killer SEO strategy to get better ranking in search engines. There are number of SEO ranking factor which you need to take to increase your website ranking. Keyword Research is most important valuable factor for website SEO. If you pick right keyword for your business then it can help you not only to rank your website in search engines but also it can drive target traffic to your website which can help you to grow your business.

It is very easy to build the wrong road-map for your Search Engine Optimization plans.

Follow these 3 simple tips and you’ll be much more likely to create a good strategy:

1. Need to swipe your competitor’s Keyword to pick right keyword :

If you want to do keyword research then you can swipe your authority and established competitor’s keyword research. You can use Google’s free keyword tool such as Open site Explorer, Google Adword Keyword tool etc.

Let me show you how to do keyword research with Google keyword planner. First make a list of your 5 top competitors for your niche area. Then you need to use relevant search phrase according to your website content. Then you need to put down those 5 top competitor’s URLs into Google Keyword tool’s website box which are ranked for this specific search phrase.

Then you need to change your location and language based on your target demographic. You can choose Global and English if your target audience is Worldwide, otherwise you can choose specific country based keyword. Select exact match or phrase match as keyword match type.

Moreover, you can see the search volumes for the specific keyword which can help you to get high converting keyword list to use for your website. In this way, pick relevant search phrase or keyword according to your niche or business theme. Just follow this process and it can help you choose right keyword for your website SEO.

2. Need to focus on keyword category:

You need to focus on keyword category while choosing keyword for your website content. If you have 500 audience keyword but 15 product keyword then you need to choose keyword wisely and in that case you should drop some of the less interesting audience terms. You should focus on the categories to the center of your target market. For example, if you sell B2B financial product then financial management is a potential product term and financial management job is an audience term which is less interesting and thus you need to pick search term according to your relevant business content.

3. You can use geo targeted search terms to pick your keyword for Local search:

If you have local business or if you want to promote your product, services or business to a local demographic then you can add geo location keyword for search which can help you to get higher ranking quickly compared to regular keyword.

For example:

If you want to optimize for SEO Consultant then it can take several month or even year to get higher rank in search engines. But if you use geo location to your keyword then it can help you to get higher ranking faster.

“SEO Consultant Dallas”

“SEO Consultant Texas”

These keywords might have less search volumes, but they are highly targeted and more likely to convert than the Fat Head keywords. These keywords might have less search volume but they are highly targeted keyword and this type of geo targeted keyword will be easy to get higher ranking in search engines. Follow these effective SEO Strategies and thus it can help you to get better ranking for your website in search engines.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Create a Killer SEO strategy & Pie Chart SEO

Nowadays SEO has great importance on business as it plays an important role to run a successful brand or company. But most important fact is that you need to create a killer effective SEO strategy which can help you to rank your website in search engines as well as it can help to grow your business.

Moreover, you need to implement an effective SEO Strategies in order to get higher ranking in search engines as you’ll be asked by your SEO client whether you can help to rank their website number one position on Google or not. Every business owner want to get their website to rank number one position on Google and it comes to discuss at the beginning stage of Search engine optimization. As it is their main target for business Website SEO to increase conversions for their business. You have to know SEO metrics to run profitable SEO campaign.

Not that ALL pie charts about SEO are bad and not useful. However, this is a common type that I’ve seen many times by Authorities in SEO:

Here’s the video where I explain why the monkey is so confused about the Search Engine Optimization metrics: 

1. Keyword Research:

If you want to create an effective SEO campaign then you need to perform keyword research based on your target audience. You can use Google Keyword planner for doing Keyword research and then you can make a excel sheet with your target keyword. You can record keyword and search volume in your excel sheet. If you need help to research keyword then checkout Best Keyword Strategies which can help you to get high converting keyword for your business website.

Beside this, you need to know SEO metric for effective SEO campaign. If you try to rank for keyword then it will be very expensive mistake. In that case, you need to develop and implement an SEO campaign with predetermined conversion and revenue goals which can make it profitable campaign. 

2.On page SEO strategies: 


One page SEO is main important factor to get better ranking in Search engine optimization. You have to make sure that search engines can crawl your website and it can find all of your valuable content. For that, you need to build good website layout and then you need to do on page SEO effectively. You should develop quality content as well as you need to build high quality links with authority sites. Importantly, you have to make sure that you have unique content, good navigation and appropriate page load times etc. on your business website.You can use this Flowchart of SEO-Friendliness via Moz to make your website SEO friendly.

3. Tracking System to analysis SEO progress:

You should track SEO strategies and results to determine which strategies can perform good to get great revenue for your website. Keyword is not only one element to track website ranking factor; you should think other element like website traffic, conversions, revenue etc. to monitor SEO results. You can setup Google analytic to monitor organic traffic daily, weekly or monthly. You can use rank tracking software to monitor search engines positions.If you need help for your website SEO, then hire an SEO Expert in Dallas who can help you to create and implement an effective SEO Strategies to rank your website in search engines organically.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

How Long Does It Take to Get Results With SEO

It is not easy to get SEO Results within short time and there are no shortcuts to achieve results on SEO. It can take time and effort for SEO to work and when you’ll get better ranking in SEO then you have to do SEO maintenance continuously. Moreover, when you will get results on SEO, then the advantage of it’s worth more than the time and money which you spend on SEO. As when you achieve top position on Google then it can help to get tonof visitors to your business website which can earn more click and conversion for your business. Thus, it can help to grow your business. How long SEO takes to work depends on various factors and now I will discuss about the SEO factors which can work to get results with SEO.

Every week, sometimes every day or multiple times in a day, I get asked, “How long until I see results from SEO?”

If you have any questions about your specific situation and how long it will take, please contact me.

Don’t build an SEO House out of Popsicle sticks!

You know all sites are different and it has different layouts, content strategies etc. and so some websites can take long time and some sites can take less to achieve results. Well, some SEO guys can tell you it can take a year contract but there is no guarantee that, they will get great results within time frame. In fact, It is hard to get expected results if they don’t have proven success on SEO. So how will you know, you can get great results from your SEO provider? How you can trust on SEO agency? If you want to achieve great SEO results then it just depends on few factors.

It can depend on the age of domain to get great results on SEO according to Google algorithm. Google prefer old sites as they can consider them to be more reputable on Search engines. Beside this, domain authority is another factor to climb ranking on search engines. If you have high quality content in your website and if you have content on multiple pages and if you include many relevant authority sites referencing your site in their content then it can consider them good domain authority and it can help to get better ranking in search engines.
Keyword or key phrases are another important factor to rank on SEO. If you work to rank on short tail keyword then it can take time, effort and resources to reach this goal. But if you focus on long tail keyword then it can help to achieve ranking easily in short period of time. If you want to get free SEO analysis foryour website then feel free to contact us.

 Infographic source : backlinko

Moreover, getting results on SEO depends on the quality of content. If you have high quality unique content and if you can produce more useful content for your visitors and it your website pages is indexed by Google then it can help to get great results on SEO. If you need help to get better ranking in Search Engines then you can hire an SEO consultant in Dallas to create plan and implement an SEO strategies to work on your website which can bring great results in a time frame.

Well, now you may have an idea whether to expect instant SEO results or your site need more work than some to get better ranking in Search engines.

Friday, August 28, 2015

When Will SEO Die?

Have you ever read an article about why SEO is dying?  I know I have read too many to count.

 Here’s infographics in which we noticed that how some of people have claimed that SEO is dead

Dallas SEO Expert David Hood explain how SEO is still alive and it helps to boost your website ranking organically as well as it can help you to grow your business.

I shot a video describing when I think Search Engine Optimization will die and why:

The gist of what I say in the video is that you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for SEO to die!  For many businesses it will be an investment that will pay them back for decades to come. 

If you are still think that SEO is dead or if you need help to optimize your website then Contact me if you’d like to discuss the long term value of SEO for your business.

Nowadays online users are growing and they are depending on search engines for their particular things daily. So can you imagine a day without internet and can you stop searching on search engines? Yes, people can't go a single day without internet.  As long as there are search engines, the necessity of search engine optimization will never die.

Here’s great article about the topics of SEO Death written by Danny Sullivan.

SEO is dead.
SEO Graphic by SEO Book

SEO is great strategies to optimize your website and it will increase revenue for your business. According to State of Digital research, we found that 863 million websites mention SEO globally and 105 users per second search on Google for specific keyword like "companies" or "services" and there are many companies results come up in search quires just because of SEO.  So if you can do SEO for your business then it will help you to get first position of Google and you can get target customers for your business.

SEO standard will not be disregarded anymore and tons of high quality user friendly content always appealing in search engine algorithm. Beside this, if you can follow white hat SEO tips and tricks then it can help to optimize website and it gives first position of Google to website owner.
There are many SEO benefits for business in future. Google can provide tons of high quality targeted traffic to your website and if you can do Website SEO effectively then it can help you to boost your website ranking organically. In this way, it can help you to increase your website ranking organically and so SEO makes money.

According Google algorithm updates, Google has changed their algorithm; they are providing new marketing strategies. So you have to change your old SEO tricks and you have to SEO On page and off page SEO optimize effectively. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter quantity of links but it focus quality of links. So if you use old link building tactics, if you submit links to directories or if you do blog comments spam and article spinning.. Then yes, those old SEO tactics are dead but still SEO is active and kicking. So you have to use new SEO tactics to optimize your website effectively.  So what you can do is you can build links from high authority sites, high quality content and social media optimization and if you can improve good communications with business and customers then it can help you to optimize your website effectively as well as it can help you to get higher ranking in search engines.